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As this is a relatively new web site this page is still in the development stage. It is hoped that it will become a directory of suppliers.

Firms and business who offer goods and services that will be of interest to the SMHDV enthusiast, will be listed below.

  Tools - hand tools, machine tools.

  Timber - in various section sizes, and in available quantities to suite the modelmaker.

  Metal - mild steel, brass etc., in round and square section. (Precision turned miniature coach bolts with square nuts used to be available from some outlets but the sources I had mine from no longer make them. If you know where these can be obtained please let me know).

  Craft Materials - Paints and adhesives, miniature upholstery materials, soldering, and some of the craft materials used in Dolls House miniatures, i.e. polymer clay.

K&S Engineering has been in business for over 50 years manufacturing the highest quality metal products. You will see their display stands in almost every hobby and craft outlet. Look for their stand at model engineering exhibitions and shows that may come to your area. They have aluminium in sheet and tube and brass in tube, strip and sheet in a very wide range of sizes. ..

.. ......

Craft Supplies Leading supplier of tools, machinery, accessories finishes and timber for the woodturner and woodworker. Woodturning and woodcarving tools.
Veneer leaf and packs. Large selection of other items. Free bi-month demonstrations. Workshops run throughout the year, tailored to suit individual needs.
Secure online shopping.


Woodcraft Supply Corp is one of the oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and accessories in the US. Their mail order catalogue features over 7,000 items, everything for the woodturner and woodcarver. There are many links to other interesting web sites.


Chronos Engineering Supplies supply a huge range of engineering & model engineering supplies around the world. Whether you are a hobbyist with a small home workshop or run a fully fledged engineering company you will find something of interest among their 8000+ products. They attend many of the Engineering shows & exhibitions throughout the year in the UK. Comprehensive listing and links to these events are featured on their show page.


Shesto Ltd. were established in 1907, originally as suppliers of precision tools for the watchmaking industry, they now offer precision tools for a wide range of trades, crafts & hobbies. They have a large selection of tools including - Soldering and brazing equipment/supplies, tweezers, probes and carvers, needle files and rifflers, razor saws, miniature power tools, burrs and cutters and many other items for model enthusiast.

The Contenti Companyare an American firm basSilquar Soldering Boards – in three sizes – 6”x 6”, 6”x 12” and 12”x 12”.ed in Rhode Island. They have a huge catalog selection listing jewelry tools and supplies. Very many of the products and tools listed are well suited to various hobbies, not least the scale model builder. They have a new type of soldering board made from Silquar, (see right) which retains heat during soldering and can be easily cleaned with water. Silquar can withstand temperatures up to 2200° F. They also have chemically prepared charcoal soldering blocks. The charcoal glows and reflects heat back to the work, making the flame more effective. It is easily punctured to hold work at various angles.

There are other US companies where you can get Silquar and charcoal soldering aids from, but I have yet to find a company here in the UK which supplies these products.

Interesting Timbers was established in 1986 to meet the needs of woodworkers who wanted access to quality English timbers at reasonable prices without the need to buy large quantities. Model makers who prefer to use ‘wheelwright’s woods’, Oak, Ash, Elm and Beech, can get pieces as small as 4” x 1” x 4’. Those who prefer woods that have little obvious grain and are not brittle (Holly, Pear, Apple, Sycamore, Cherry and Lime) are also catered for. Most other species are also available as square edged boards, sawn or planed all round. Some woodturning blanks in various species have a wonderful ‘scale’ grain that resembles elm, and are sometimes big enough to get four wheel naves from!

Mallard Metal Packs Ltd. Suppliers of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous metals to model engineers, model makers and clock restorers. Aluminium,Brass,Cast Iron, Copper, Leaded Bronze, Nylon, Phosphor Bronze, Plastics,Stainless Steel, Steel in all forms, and in any quantity. They also supply solders, fluxes, brazing rod and engineering tools. From their web site you can download their complete catalogue in pdf format.

Milton Keynes Metals Ltd. Suppliers of bright steel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminium, stainless and alloys in all forms up to 12" section. Engineering tools including taps, dies, drills, cutters, casting metal and machines. Engineering services including sheet metal work, welding, blanking, bending, and milling. Delivery worldwide. You can download their catalogue from their web site.

Sievert Have been in business for more than 120 years, and today their products lead the world. They have a wide range of torch systems, hoses and regulators; plus various burners, (including a pin-point, with the finest flame for fine precision soldering).

CuP Alloys Ltd specialise in silver solder and brazing materials. They have the widest range of silver solder and fluxes for the model engineer and there is no minimum order charge. The most popular alloys are 424, 842 and 440, and all will produce a strong, leaktight joint with small neat fillets. Use the 424 for first stage brazing when you know you will have to return later for more brazing or for soldering sub-assemblies ''step brazing''. The higher temperature (740 - 780 deg C) ensures you do not melt the first joints. They supply small packs of silver solder rod and wire by the metre, and these are dispatched world wide at very competitive prices. They are ideal for the model maker, amateur silversmith, jobbing engineer, anyone who requires just small quantities.

Phoenix Precision Paints Phoenix Precision Paints were at one time known as the Precision Paints Co Ltd. They have long catered for the needs of railway modelers, supplying the correct locomotive livery for the period being modeled. Traction Engine colours and building colours are also available, along with Self Etch Primer, Masking Fluid, Thinners and much more. The Scale Model Horse Drawn Vehicle enthusiast should be able to find a suitable paint for any model. A link in the Phoenix Precision Paints site will give you information and prices of the Bob Moore's Master Lining Pen.

Humbrol Humbrol Ltd. have been making paints for modellers since the 1950’s and are the leading manufacturer of model paints in the UK. Their range of paints is one of the most complete for all model types. You can find your nearest UK retailers by inserting your postcode in the box provided on their web page….then clicking.

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E-mail me if you know the address or web site of suppliers that could be included on this page. Let me know what you think of this web site.